Reverse data appending

  • Fill in the missing contact information of your customer database.
  • Keep your database updated with accurate and recent details of your customers.
  • Complete your customers’ contact profile by uploading their partial contact info to our opt-in database.
Email appending

Increase email deliverability performance with 99.5% clean, deliverable emails. Improve your sender reputation, create conversions, increase website traffic, and raise engagement rates.

Phone/Cell appending

Obtain your customers validated phone number (when not on National Do Not Call Registry), and start making a direct connection with them.

Physical address appending

Validate all of your customers’ addresses and Stop 90% of your returned mailing efforts with CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System™/ Delivery Point Validation™.

First and Last Name APPENDING

Retrieve the names of your customers and improve your marketing engagement. Don’t be the 70% failing to personalize messages. No one likes being called “valued customer” or worse, “current resident.”

Generate more ROI with an accurate database