Sold 40 Cars A Month With

  • Dropped over 10 third party lead companies, which also contributed to a higher net profit for the dealership!

The Melloy family has been in the New Mexico automotive business since 1955. Located in Albuquerque, NM. Melloy Dodge sells an extensive range of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs. They also provides outstanding aftersales service with expert technicians and a fully stocked inventory of Dodge parts and accessories.

The Challenge

Although the Melloy Dodge website received very good levels of website traffic, there was no clear relationship between website visitors and vehicle sales. The senior team at the dealership suspected that a lot of people who visited the site were interested in purchasing a Dodge but needed more information. However, a random website visitor could only be contacted and identified if they inquired with Melloy Dodge first. The increased sale opportunities were within reach but how would the dealership be able to contact the rest of the visitors who did not inquire with them?

Sales page viewed anonymously
Webpage log – identified visitor Joseph Baca
Service page viewed anonymously
Service web page log – identified visitor Joseph Baca

Our Solution

The Who’s Visiting Now program, identifying 40% to 60% of anonymous WEBSITES visitor traffic

  • A Foresight script allowing you to see what actions each person has taken navigating through your website pages. This information is collected into a report and sent back to the dealership within 10 minutes, providing great new leads for any auto dealer
  • Access your website visitors contact information by first name, last name, email address, physical address, webpages visited, phone number (when not on National Do Not Call Registry), and more included.
  • Identify website visitors who browsed your website looking to make a vehicle purchase but never made an inquiry. Also, they are browsing other dealer websites, so this is an exciting opportunity for you to directly engage potential buyers and win them back from competing dealerships.
  • Target all of your Service department visitors who are looking to service their vehicle right away!

Getting To Work

Melloy Dodge was excited with Visitor Data Incorporated and our proven track record. They asked us to work with them and focus on increasing their vehicle sales. We got straight to work and delivered their identified website visitors to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This really helped them directly engage and target visitors with their marketing channels.

The Results

Visitor Data, Inc. delivered quality leads and really impressed Melloy Dodge.
Who’s Visiting Now provided an additional 40 deals closed each month!

Melloy Dodge
Sales Stats:

  • Closed 30-40 deals a month
  • 2,539 vehicles sold in 2017
  • 2,704 vehicles sold in 2018
  • 3,011 vehicles SOLD IN 2019