Address Validation

Through advanced hygiene tools we can help you improve your deliverability rates, save money, eliminate wasted postage by updating addresses, and keeping your database free of outdated and inaccurate addresses.

Stop 90% of returned mail

CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System™

This supports address verification with a measurable standard for accuracy. It also represents a very high bar set by the US Postal Service to ensure that address verification meets very strict quality standards.

Delivery Point Validation™

This process verifies that an address is actually deliverable, meaning that mail can be sent to that address. A submitted address is checked against our authoritative database, and if there’s a matching entry in our database, the submitted address is declared “valid.” If there’s no matching address in the database, the address is “invalid,” and mail cannot be shipped there.

Turn your outreach into a sale with accurate mailing addresses