Shadow prospects for Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealers

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealers today face tough competition regardless of the market that they are in. Winning the battle in your market may seem challenging because so much of the customer’s shopping experience takes place online today. With your current marketing methods, your website’s visitors are anonymous until they choose to contact your dealership. If your auto dealership is only converting 2 percent of your online traffic to leads, you are on par with other dealerships. While this unfortunate figure is average, you do not have to resign yourself to having such a poor return on investment from your online marketing campaigns. Shadow is an innovative prospecting program that could boost your conversion rate dramatically by revealing who your online visitors are.

Understanding Your Online Visitors’ Behavior

As your online visitors maneuver through your website, they will gather important details about the models and trims that they are most interested in. Some will even fill out your website’s contact form, but they will click off of the form before submitting the information to your sales team. Perhaps they are not yet ready to make their purchase or are on the fence for various reasons. For Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealers like you, these are currently lost leads despite the fact that they have shown interest in your vehicles. These consumers currently are unknown to you and cannot be contacted by your sales team for follow-up. However, our Shadow program enables you to convert otherwise lost leads into known prospects.

Boosting Your Prospect Volume

Capturing as many leads as possible from your website is essential in order to remain competitive in a challenging marketplace. Our proprietary software captures vital data about as many as 60 percent of your website’s visitors. This includes their name and relevant contact information, and it may include the specific model that they have expressed interest in. Rather than simply feeding your dealership raw data, we input the data into your CRM so that it is immediately usable by your team. Your sales reps can analyze each lead to determine if they want to contact them by phone, such as to tell them about a special promotion available on the vehicle that they are interested in. Your sales team may choose to remain in touch with some of the prospects, such as by adding them to a direct mailing list for repeat communication.

Learning How to Maximize Your Website’s True Value

Your sales numbers are directly linked to your ability to convert leads into sales. Your dealership’s website is one of your top lead generation tools, and without Shadow, you may not be maximizing its benefit. By enabling you to pull more leads from your website, we enable your sales team to be more effective in their positions. More than that, your dealership may be more competitive and could increase its market share. We are ready to tell more about how our innovative software works and to help you gain an edge over the competition.

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