How Shadow helps car dealerships

How Shadow helps car dealerships

Your car dealership spends a substantial amount of money and energy driving targeted traffic to your website. SEO campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns and other online marketing efforts require constant attention and are essential in order to compete in a competitive marketplace. However, if your online conversion rate is like that of other car dealerships, only 2 percent of your website’s visitors take the next step of reaching out to communicate with your sales team directly. This is a dismal number that represents a huge inefficiency in your marketing efforts. The good news is that the Shadow program from Visitor Data Inc can boost that number dramatically.

How It Works | Automotive Shadow Program

Today’s automotive shoppers typically conduct thorough research online before contacting a dealership. They may only reach out to one or two dealerships for direct assistance during their purchase process, and they usually have their mind mostly or completely made about which model they want to take home before connecting with a dealership. With so much of the modern automotive sales process taking place online, you must know who is visiting your website even if they do not contact you directly.

Visitor Data Inc utilizes proprietary software that captures contact information of 40 to 60 percent of your online visitors who do not contact you. Without the Shadow program, these visitors would be lost to you. Instead, the program captures their name and contact information. In some cases, the program can also record specific details about the vehicles that each visitor looked at. One of the ways that this information is collected is by capturing data that is entered into your website’s online contact form but that is never submitted to you./p>

What to Expect | Shadow program

Car dealerships may not be staffed sufficiently to handle seeing online inquiries jump from 2 percent to 40 or 60 percent, and the good news is that Visitor Data Inc takes the important step of capturing raw data and inputting it directly into your dealership’s CRM. Your sales team can then analyze the leads and determine the best way to contact them. In some cases, a personal phone call will be most effective, or you can complete a direct mail campaign or use the contact information on other effective ways.

Through the Shadow program, you auto dealership can maximize the results from your online marketing campaigns. You can capture more leads, and your sales team can work their magic to convert leads to sales. Regardless of where the visitors are in their automotive buying process, your ability to remain in contact with them until they are ready to make a purchase can result in skyrocketing sales numbers.

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In today’s competitive automotive market, your car dealership needs to utilize every advantage possible. Through this innovative, lead-capturing system, your sales team will have access to hot leads who have recently visited your website and have shown an interest in your current inventory. To learn more about this prospecting opportunity and how it can boost your dealership’s sales numbers, contact us today.

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